mC2dm3 released.

mC2 developer milestone 3 has just been released. 
We decided to make a release of the current state of the trunk since we have decided to make a very big change in mC2. We will in the future be using QT as the main GUI API.

mC2dm3 changelog:
  • Audioengine: Gapless playback
  • Audioengine: Instant change when modifying volume or clicking "Pause".
  • Decoders: mpg123 engine updated, seeking working alot better.
  • One "Now playing" that can handle tracks from any library or http streams.
  • HTTP streamed tracks choose decoder depending on mimetype.
  • Precaching of http streams.
  • mC2 will open the lastest opened library when restarting.
  • Experimental plugin: BPM analyzer. A plugin that will analyze the BPM of your tracks.
  • Experimental plugin: DSP Echo. A plugin that will put a small echo on all audio. Please note that there is no way to turn the plugin off unless removing the .dll file.


  1. more than promising.
    I can't wait! :)

  2. I just discovered that musikCube moved to v2.
    Actually, it's my favorite player and I'm glad nice features will be added, such as cover arts.

    Good work !

  3. Dude. I effing love you.