mC2 progress

So, 3 weeks and 500 downloads from mC2dm2 release. What's up next?

We have started on the mC2dm3 release and we are starting to take a look on how to make mC2 a little more  attractive.

This is what we are planning to implement in the near future:

  • URI tracks: This is just the technical term we use for being able to open tracks not just from the library, but by just double clicking or drag'n'drop files on mC2. As you might have noticed mC2dm2 have a "now playing" for each library and is unable to combine tracks from multiple sources. mC2dm3 will have only one "now playing" in its own special tab, and you will be able to add files that aren’t in any library.
  • Album art: We need to start making an attractive appearance of mC2 and showing album covers is one way to do that.
  • Better preference dialog: We have a lot of preferences that we are able to set, but so far there haven’t been any dialog to change the settings in.

Well, this is just some of the features we are currently working on, but there are several features to come. For instance we have several developers showing interest in porting the musikServer to linux.

Btw. We have just received our first donation. Kudos to DocTriv!

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